Browse through the variety of components to use on your hobby electronics projects. With a large variety of componnts available to suit your needs.

Browse through the variety of audio components. Audio components add sound to your project. Audio components are often used in projects to make an audible sound when something has happened. 

Browse through our capacitor components. Capacitor components allow you to store small amounts of electricity. Capacitors are often used to smooth out any fluctuations in electrocity within a circuit to protect against small surges. 

Browse through the variety of diode components. They allow you to restrict the flow of electricity in one direction. Diodes are often used to protect components from damage caused by spikes in electricity in a circuit. 

Browse through our display components. Displays allow you to view information on a screen and interact with your project through touch screen technology. Display components come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Browse through the variety of GPS components. They allow you to identify where you are on the planet, giving your hobby electronic projects a sense of awareness. Tap into the Global Positioning Satellite system. 

Integrated Circuits

Browse through the variety of IC components. Integrated circuits are simply a selection of components that has been pre-built for you which come in the form of a small circuit board you can connect to easily. 

Browse through the variety of relay components. Relays are electromagnetic switches which turn on and off when a magnet passes them. Relays are often used in hobby electronic systems to detect when something has moved past. 

Browse through our resistor components. Resistors allow you to restrict the flow of electricity through a circuit. They are often used as a form of protection to ensure high currents cannot damage sensitive components. 

Browse through the variety of RFID components. Radio Frequency IDentification. RFID components require two parts, a detector and an RFID. The RFID tag is often placed on a mobile object which can then be scanned easily. 

Browse through our sensor components. Sensors come in all shapes and sizes that allow you to gather input from the world around you. Turn your projects into smart projects by sensing things like light, weather and pressure. 

Browse through our switches components. Switches allow you to control your projects by turning certain parts on and off easily as you need. Switches are often used to turn on and off things such as lights or power. 

Browse through our transistor components. Transistors are used to amplify signals in a circuit. They are often used for projects such as sound amplifiers, radio transmition and signal processing. 

Browse through the variety of WiFi components. WiFi components allow you to connect your project to the internet and through local networks with ease. Send and receive data from the internet with WiFi components. 

With a large range of components to suit your needs, you’ll be sure to find the electronic components you need for your hobby projects. We are continually adding to our list of components to bring you the very best in hobby electronic projects. Should you not be able to find a specific component that you are looking for, then get in touch and it is highly likely that we can get access to that through our extensive supply chain. 

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