Raspberry Pi

Browse through the variety of Raspberry Pi products to use while developing your hobby electronics projects. With a large variety of Raspberry Pi products available to suit your needs, you’ll be sure to find what you need.

Raspberry Pi Boards

Browse through our Raspberry Pi boards. Raspberry Pi boards are the starting point for many hobby electronics projects. We stock a wide range of Raspberry Pi boards which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Raspberry Pi Shields

Browse through our Raspberry Pi shields. Raspberry Pi shields allow you to easily add features and functionality to your hobby electronics projects.   Choose from our wide range of Raspberry Pi shield products. 

Raspberry Pi Components

Browse through our Raspberry Pi components. Our components that are compatible with your Raspberry Pi allow you to create exactly what you require on your hobby electronics project. Choose from our wide range of components.

Cables and Connectors

Browse through our Raspberry Pi cables and connectors. Cables and connectors for your Raspberry Pi allow you to easily connect you hobby electronics project together and create circuits to suit you needs. 

Raspberry Pi Cases

Browse through our Raspberry Pi cases. Raspberry Pi cases allow you to protect your hobby project. Why risk damaging your project after it has been built while you are using and transporting it when you can protect it.   

Raspberry Pi Displays

Browse through our Raspberry Pi displays. Raspberry Pi displays allow you to bring your Raspberry Pi project to live with a visual display. Whether a simple display or a full interactive touch screen display, we have the products.  

Raspberry Pi Breakout Boards

Browse through our breakout boards suitable for prototyping with your Raspberry Pi project. Breakout boards allow you to quickly and easily create electronic circuits by connecting components together to create your project. 

Raspberry Pi Accessories

Browse through our Raspberry Pi accessories. Whatever you need for your Raspberry Pi, we have the accessories and products you need. If you are looking for something specific, get in touch and we’ll see if we have this available.   

Raspberry Pi Starter Kits

Browse through our Raspberry Pi starter kits. The Raspberry Pi project is simply amazing, yet it can be tough to know where to start if you haven’t used it before. Browse through our starter kits to get you going in no time at all. 

Raspberry Pi is the hobby electronics platform that allows you to easily create projects to suit your needs. With the flexibility available through adding sheilds to your project, which are essentially small pieces of functionality, you can create complex electronics projects without needing to understand the finer workings of electronics. The Raspberry Pi is best thought of as a small computer which allows you to write code to control your project along with connecting additional hardware as you see fit. If you can dream it up, it’s likely that you can create your idea in no time using the Raspberry Pi and related products. 

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