Resistor Components

Keep your hobby electronics projects safe from electrical damage using resistors. Resistors are your friend, use them a lot throughout your circuits. Every electrical component has a voltage rating upon which when this range is passed then the component is likely to end up damaged and unworkable. Resistors come in a range of shapes and sizes and even have coloured bands on them usually to help you identify the amount of resistance they provide. You’ll need to reference the resistor colour band charts on a regular basis to understand what you need. This is also when you need to understand a bit around how current (amps), voltage (volts) and ohms which is where Ohm’s Law comes into play…. Volts (V) = Amps (I)  X Ohms (R) ; Amps (I) = Volts (V) / Ohms (R) ; Ohms (R) = Volts (V) / Amps (I). Simple, right? Read through our guide on Ohm’s Law Simplified.

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