Browse through our popular hobby electronics products to find the perfect items for your projects. We’re continually adding products to the website through our extensive supplier network, so if you cannot find something specific that you are looking for, get in touch and it is highly likely we can source this for you.

Arduino projects for your hobby electronic projects. Including Arduino Boards, Arduino Shields, Arduino Starter Kits, Adruino Accessories, Adruino Cases, Arduino Components and more.

Stocking a large variety of batters and power supplies for your hobby electronic projects. Including standard battery sizes, battery holders, solar power supplies along with power supplies and USB power.

Bring your projects to life in 3D with the latest in 3D printing technology. With a variety of products including 3D Printers, 3D Printing Consumables and 3D Printer Kits for the more ambitious projects.

Tired of using traditional wires to join bring your hobby electronic projects to life? Then why not use electric paint from Bare Conductive. Simply paint the connections between your components or project to power the circuit.

Looking to learn how to code and bring your creations to life? Then the BBC Micro:Bit is the perfect starting point for the younger generations among us. With lots of free code resources to learn how to code online too.

Not sure where or how to get started on your hobby electronics project? Then why not start reading about what interests you. We’ve hand picked a selection of useful books to get you going with your project.

Extend the functionality on your hobby electronics project with a near endless supply of breakout boards. From GPS, sensors, audio and more. Simply solder your connections onto the breakout board to get started.

All the cables and connectors you could possibly need for your hobby electronics projects. Whether cables and connectors for power, components or for your hardware. Keeping everything connected together.

Enhance your projects by connecting a variety of electronic components to bring your ideas to life. Including basic electronic components such as capacitors, diodes and resistors all the way to the more exciting GPS and WiFi components.

Working with hobby electronic projects you often need a range of computer equipment to bring your ideas to life. We’ve gathered a variety of common computer equipment together for you which people often need.

Bring your hobby electronic project to life with a display screen. With a variety of displays available for your project in both component form, modules and integrated circuits and more, you’ll find the perfect screen.

Looking to integrate your hobby electronics project into fabrics and material? Then E-Textiles are what you need. The variety of components and integrated circuits allow you electricity to flow safely thgoughout your project.

Keep your electronic hobby projects safe and secure with a variety of enclosures and cases. Once you’ve build your project, the last thing you want is for something to break with it, so keep it all protected in a dedicated case.

Browse through the variety of GPS products. They allow you to identify where you are on the planet, giving your hobby electronic projects a sense of awareness. Tap into the Global Positioning Satellite system. 

The Internet of Things is all about connecting your projects to the internet through either WiFi or Ethernet technologies. People often build projects such as weather monitoring stations and air pollution monitoring.

When you are ready to move beyond the electronic aspects of your project and into truly bringing your project to life, you are going to need materials and hardware to do that. Choose from a selection of handy products.

Breadboards allow you to rapidly prototype your hobby electronics project by simply plugging your components into the board to create the circuits you need. They are extremely handy tools used on virtually every project.

Make your hobby electronics project move with our range of motors and motor control products. Whether you are looking for standard motors, stepper motors or geakboxes, we’ve a range of products to suit your needs.

Want something to get you started or looking to buy a gift for someone? Then why not try one of our hobby electronics project kits. We’ve kits available for kids and adults alike from starter all the way to the more advanced.

Components are great, but sometimes you just want those components to be quick to use. That is where modules come in handy, with the components already available to you on a circuit board that you can start using straight away.

Sensor components are great, but sometimes you just want those components to be quick to use. That is where sensor modules come in handy, with the sensor components already available to you on a circuit board. 

When you are just testing our your idea for your hobby electronics project, you want something up and running quickly. This is where prototyping products come in handy, where you can test your idea in no time at all.

Wanting to control your project from further away? Then you’re going to need radio control technology to be able to do so. Our range of radio controlled products allow you to both send and receive the data you need.

One of the most popular projects over the last few years is the Raspberry Pi. We stock a large range of Raspberry Pi products so you can be sure you are buying genuine products from a well established retailer.

Moving your hobby electronics project on into the world of robotics takes you to the next level. Our range of robotics products will help you turn your idea into a serious project or even product that you can sell.

Working with hobby electronics projects is great fun which requires you to have the right tools and equipment to safely experiment. We’ve collated a list of handy tools and equipment that you’ll need along the way.

Looking to miniaturise your hobby electronics project? Then you need to start looking at tiny circuits. Specially designed circuits to make your project much smaller and function just the same, they are a great way to advance your projects.

Looking to wear your hobby electronic projects? Well now you can with the variety of wearable electronic products we have available. Simply design your projects into something you can wear which is amazing.

Why not connect your hobby electronics projects to the wider world with wireless communication? From the standard WiFi along with the more sophisticated Bluetooth and RFID technologies that are also available.

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