Cables and Connectors

Browse through the variety of cables and connectors to use on your hobby electronics projects. With a large variety of cables and connectors available to suit your needs.

Browse through the variety of jumper wires. Jumper wires allow you to connect your hobby electronic projects together using both Male and Female connectors in varying lengths and colours. 

Browse through our selection of ribbon cables. Ribbon cables for your hobby electronic projects come in very handy when connecting your Raspberry Pis and Arduinos to your breakout boards to work with ease. 

Browse through the variety of crimp connectors. Ready to take your hobby electronics project to the next level, then crimp connectors are the next logical step. Offering a more secure conncetion than jumper wires.  

Browse through our USB cables and connectors. USB is a standardised way of sending and receiving data between multiple Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, Computers and Laptops. Not only data but USB also provides power too.  

Browse through the variety of SD cards and connectors. You need an SD card for your Raspberry Pi to run. Select from either a blank SD card or an SD card that comes pre-installed with the Raspberry Pi software of your choice. 

Browse through the variety of RJ45 and ethernet cables and components. If you are looking to connect your hobby electronics project to the internet through a wired connection, then you’re going to need RJ45 and ethernet technology.  

Browse through the variety of heatshrink and sleeving for use on cables and connectors. Heatshrink and sleeving is designed to securely wrap wires and protect them by shrinking around them tightly, perfect for joins on wires. 

Browse through our DIL sockets.  

With a large range of cables and connectors to suit your needs, you’ll be sure to find the electronic components you need for your hobby projects. We are continually adding to our list of components to bring you the very best in hobby electronic projects. Should you not be able to find a specific cable or component that you are looking for, then get in touch and it is highly likely that we can get access to that through our extensive supply chain.

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