Motors and Motor Control

Browse through the variety of motors and motor control products to use on your hobby electronics projects. With a large variety of motors and motor control products available to suit your needs, you’ll be sure to find what you need.


Browse through our motors. Motors allow you to make things move on your projects. Motors come in a variety of shapes, sizes and speeds to suit your needs so you move various aspects of your projects as you need. 

Stepper Motors

Browse through our stepper motors. Stepper motors allow you to turn your motor a set number of steps which gives you finer control over how far you move the part connected to the motor. Large variety of products available. 

Motor Drivers

Browse through our motoro drivers. Motor drivers allow you to control your motors with ease. By selecting the right motor driver for your motor, you can control how your motor behaves easily. Varitey of products available. 

Motor Accessories

Browse through our motor accessory products. Motor accessories are the variety of products that you’ll need to integrate your motors into your hobby electronics projects easily. With a variety of products available to suit your needs. 


Browse through our gearboxes. Geabxoes allow you to increate either the speed or power of your motors to suit your needs. Gearboxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and speed to power radios to suit your needs. 

Propeller and Impeller Blades

Browse through our propeller and impeller blade products. Propeller and impeller blades allow you to connect them to your motors for example for use on a drone to generate lift. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Pulleys, Axles and Tyres

Browse through our pulleys, axles and tyres. Pulleys, axles and tyres allow you to easily turn the power from motors into physical moving parts of your project. They come in a variety of shapres and sizes to suit your individual needs. 


Browse through our actuators. Actuators are specially constructed motors which allow you to move the part connected to the actuator forwards and backwards. Actuators come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. 

Make your hobby electronics projects move with our wide range of motors and motor control products available to plug into your project. Whatever speed or direction you are looking to make your project move in, we have the relevant motor and motor control products to suit your needs. If you cannot find a product specific to your needs, get in touch with us as we have access to a much wider range of products that aren’t always listed on our website. 

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